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Ashton Raggatt McDougall
Trevor Mein

The Victorian Arts Centre spire is the most powerful cultural symbol in Melbourne - it is an artistic landmark, and one which represents the city as the arts capital of Australia.

The building originally planned for the site was to encompass both Theatres and concert hall and to be topped with a 126 metre spire, the same height as St Patrick's Cathedral. However the growth of the building to include the current facilities meant the building and the spire had to be redesigned.

Sir Roy Ground's investigations into the possibilities of an open lattice, space frame design coincided with technological developments utilised in the stadium construction for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.

Amcor is a strong supporter of the Victorian Arts Centre, in Melbourne, Australia. Its association commenced in 1988 with one of the key lounges in the Arts Centre being named the ‘Amcor Lounge'.

This lounge is a focal point at the Arts Centre, boasting a ‘world-class' imaginative interior featuring a unique backlight wall that creates the illusion of bubbles suspended in a water wall.

Architect Sir Roy Grounds and Interior designer John Truscott AO created the Victorian Arts Centre as an underground labyrinth of auditoria, foyers and functional spaces ranging in size.

Recognising that the Amcor Lounge is 3 floors underground, the architects, Ashton Raggatt and McDougall, refurbished the rooms as virtual antechambers of the underworld.

Their visionary designs conjure images that might be derived from the processes of excavating a building site.

464,000 marbles are inserted into the walls as precious gems.

2,300 everyday objects of the 1990's remind visitors of the nature of life at the period of their refurbishment

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