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Tyrone Branigan


Graduating with Masters in Photomedia/ Fine Arts from Cofa Sydney. Worked in Sweden, London and Dublin before setting up shop at home in Sydney.

Love of the technical factors required to shoot designers work and listening to their approach of the space.

Fascinated by issues of time and space regarding quantum theories and melds these with a passion for optics. Photography was the only outcome.

Working with Sydney's leading designers and architects, Tyrone has built a reputation of conveying and translating the desires of his clients with an individual signature and the occasional cameo. Australian design needs to be exported to the world.

It is the responsibility of the Australian design media to constantly lift the standard and reflect its competition. This is my job.

Favorite job was to follow an expedition to the arctic. 200km Nth of the Arctic circle and discussing camera freeze.

Sydney based photographer Tyrone Branigan's work has been seen in inside lifestyle and architectural magazines such as "Interior Review, "Monument" and "Indesign - interior architecture product."

Combining project marketing and product advertising with an inherent love of furniture and its space, Branigan continues to work directly with architects and designers, reflecting and interpreting their vision through film.


After 15 years behind the camera, my love of light, line and form has created an extensive portfolio, reflecting the changes and dynamics of the Australian design industry.

Working directly with my clients, we build a brief that illuminates their design philosophy and establishes a clear visual signature. Texture, materials and aspect are treated with the correct light to create clean crisp images that document more than just a moment in time.

With a Masters in Art (Photomedia) from the University of New South Wales, documenting the Australian design landscape is an honour. Internationally published in books, magazines and portfolios my work represents winning entrants to the RAIA and IDEA awards.

Building the portfolio’s of my clients work is a relationship that has taken me into Asia and the international marketplace. Technology is changing the way we use images from the glossy magazine to the mobile phone. There has never been a more exciting time in the history of the Image.

I look forward to working with you.


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