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Ross Honeysett has been working since 1970 which is long enough to cement some strong ideas about his images.

He aims at not discriminating re subject matter - preferring instead the freedom of being multi-disciplinary and has concentrated on several areas of photography with design being an essential element.

From fashion to portraiture to architecture - his pictures speak honestly in a non-contrived manner. Ross has always avoided the lure of fads choosing instead to maintain a certain simplicity within his work.

His approach is to capture the essence of the subject; either to produce an iconic image of something hitherto unknown (such as Engelen Moore's Price O'Reilly house) or in allowing an existing icon to be reinterpreted in a different light (eg Utzons Sydney Opera House).

While influenced by the modernists, Ross also has a confidence in the future laboratory of current thinking which seems to embrace sentiment and a re-creation of the past.

Capturing interior spaces on film has become an interpretation of the human life within the space.

Only a photographer who has mastered image-making traditions and conventions can question them.

Ross Honeysett combines considerable experience with an almost unparalleled ability to shape and interpret popular culture in the language of advertising.

His approach has been described as timeless, minimal, insightful and yet honest and without pretence.

His work demonstrates his instinctive ability to analyse, even dissect a brief and turn ideas into photographs that communicate and entice.


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