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Quentin Jones


First job as a Cadet Photographer with the Newcastle Herald in 1981.

Joined Sydney Morning Herald in 1986,working on News and Features.

Sun-Herald Pictorial Editor 1988

2 years on Good Weekend Magazine,1988-1990
Covering everything from Covers,Fashion,Food,and Reportage.

12 months as Night Pictorial Editor of the SMH,1992.

Currently Features Photographer on the SMH's 14 weekly sections, covering all aspects of the paper,although specialising ,mainly in Architecture and Food/Lifestyle.

I have won more than 13 national photographic awards,and been published in numerous books and magazines.

I have been a professional photographer for more than 25 years and have the experience, creativity and drive to cover 
any event.

I've had cucumber sandwiches with the Queen; had a fossil site named after me - Quentin’s Quarry - at 
Riversleigh, Queensland; and landed on the deck of the US aircraft carrier Independence.

I was stranded in a house 
overnight with David Helfgott and was yelled at by the late Kerry Packer while he was holding a gun. So much fun.
I love taking photographs - it’s something I do every day.

I have many awards and accolades, have been nominated for two prestigeous Walkley Awards and have portraits in the National Portrait Gallery, National Library and in many private collections. I have also won numerous awards for Sports and News photographs


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