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David Matheson


Childhood: Outer suburbs Melbourne, Australia: The likelihood of a career playing aussie rules football? High, and inevitably accompanied by a job in construction. Awarded state’s #1 apprentice stone mason, at 21, 5 guys twice his age call him boss. Renovating a TV studio, he’s discovered and cast on Sale of the Century: classic ‘80s TV game show (you get the picture!) job description includes introduction of washing machines and other prizes to their prospective winners. Happily this all leads elsewhere and a frenetic mix of posing and building ensues. Soon, sleepless nights filled with visions of one brick, two brick awaken a need for more, and suddenly behind the camera is way more interesting than in front. So starts a series of back-shed darkrooms, model tests, a photojournalistic trip to the philippines and publication - now there’s no going back. The month alone with his camera documenting paris and the ’96 blizzards in NY seals the deal. Returns home, relocates to Sydney chasing the dream, assists 20 hours a day: a travel photographer is born. Walks into a cafe and meets her. Eventually they sort it out. Years of globe trotting - (5 star, thank you vogue) - Maldives, UK, Bahamas, Tahiti, Africa, Indonesia and the rest. She, sometime actor/ more-times cafe owner, discovers actual talents in visual arts and embarks on career as museum designer. They marry. He travels. And travels and travels. Fine for a while - not so attractive once motherhood is on the table. All or nothing? They begin working together - he behind the camera, she behind everything else. One day, on the strength of a whim, all that they own goes into a shipping container, they grab the kids and beeline for the city of the Golden Gate.

Which brings them to here. And now. Happy days don’t get better than these.


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