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Brent Winstone


A Kiwi expatriate based in Sydney.

He is a self-taught photographer with a professional background in architecture and interior design.

Brent uses photography to showcase space and its potential for use, specialising in Architecture, Interiors, Furniture and Product.

An appreciation for the intelligence inherent in good design drives him to document places and objects equally thoughtfully.

Brents passion for urban design has grown through extensive travel and thirteen years professional experience in Architecture and Interior design.

He enjoys locating simplicity within complex settings by balancing form, line and light.

Brent's images have been published in a variety of publications including Artichoke, Indesign and Architectural Review.

The quality of his work has led to recognition for both himself (International Aperture Awards) and his clients (2010 International Annual Lighting Design Awards – Point of View & HASSELL)

Brent services a wide range of clients including Architects, Interior Designers, Artists, Graphic Designers, Developers and Advertising Agencies and is available for private commission.

"Repeat clients say they use me because I make a space feel alive.

For me conveying the feel of a place is just as important as the way something looks"


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