Ben Wrigley
Ben Wrigley


The inspirations for my work are derived primarily from the nature of flowing elements such as the river and smoke, also from the movement of animals, the flight of a bird or a moth also the forms of the canoe, seeds and seed pods; the life of a rock or a seed burying itself.

Through these images I have derived the sculptural language for my current work. My vision is to enhance the life of others by bringing uplifting & inspiring forms into being.  

Participated in numerous art exhibitions and group shows, highlights include: the National Gallery of Victoria, ‘Linden’ - St Kilda Centre for Contemporary Arts, and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. Bequest, ‘Arch Angel Gabriel’, Children’s Cancer Memory Garden, Melbourne Therapy Centre, Bronze & Granite, 2004. Studied Victoria college of the arts.

Practicing Professional photographer 22 years. 

"I acknowledge the profound influence of the following artists and philosophers:  Brancusi, Gaudi, George Baldesson, Tom Bass, Eugene Carriere, Coburn, Andy Goldsworthy, Noguchi, David Nash, Rodin, Karl Blossfeldt, Viktor Schauberger & Rudolf Steiner, for they have all touched on elements that have profoundly shifted the psych of our culture, for many inspirations where expressed 100 years ago that continue to need to be explored.

Having found a common thread in their work, my work therefore is intended as a synthesis of these specific elements creating a new value relevant to our times." Ben Wrigley


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