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Paola Lenti
Paola Lenti
Indent (12 - 16 weeks)
Technical information:

Paola Lenti Cabanne architectural system

Cabanne, design Bestetti Associati

The architectural system composed of the Quadro and Tunnel modules is enhanced with Paola Lenti’s new signature materials: doors, walls and roof are proposed this year in the fabrics Trelis and Brise, which are resistant to the atmospheric agents and permeable to air and water.
The original architectural core has been extended with new elements and accessories which allow further articulation and definition of the open spaces.

Filò, design Bestetti Associati
A system built with different natural materials, which allows for the re-creation of the ideal environment in which to “filò”, which means seating around the fire to tell stories, as in the country world of old times.
Filò consists of cement brazier and tops and wooden benches that can be structured according to individual ideas and requirements. The bench can be transformed into a basic sofa with the application of backrests which are woven from a new Filodry yarn braid, and the use of suitable outdoor pillows , available in the fabrics and colours of the Paola Lenti collection.

Abri, design Francesco Rota
This structure is suited to the most diverse interpretations: it can be used alone as a simple screen or, by combining several elements it can define spaces with different destinations: it can create a passage-way, become an alcove for one or more sun beds or become a shady relaxation area with the application of a fabric roof covering which protects from the sun.
Abri is available in two different heights, 170 and 200 cm. The structure made of stainless steel AISI 316 is covered with Paola Lenti’s new fabric Trelis, which allow air and water to pass through.

Ala, design Bestetti Associati
Ala is a shading structure, which protects from sun and rain. It is both an accessory and an alternative to the key architectural geometric modules of Quadro and Tunnel.
Ala is lighter and more dynamic, has a less rigorous profile and is ideal for small spaces.
The structure is made of steel treated against corrosion and avoids the use of tie-rods, yet still offers excellent wind resistance. The top is made of polyester fabric and is available in two shapes, trapezoid and square.

Product Designer

Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti, Paola Lenti Tappeti

Paola Lenti was born in 1958 in Alessandria Italy,  where she completed classical studies. She later moved to Milan and graduated from Milan's Polytecnico. In the early eighties she started  working as an image coordinator and graphic designer for several events and fashion companies. In 1994 she founded the company, Paola Lenti, located in Italy's leading furniture district Meda, nea... More

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