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Hi Tech - Zoe
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Paola Lenti
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From the Hi Tech Home Aqua Range

The Zoe rug is produced with a winded up round cord, one solid colour or two colours when in Rope, one solid color when in Aquatech. The rug is available in three versions: spiral-like modules with a diameter of around cm.30, which are sewn together in order to obtain a non-orthogonal geometric sequence; spiral-like modules of cm.33 orthogonally sewn together and completed, in the spaces between the modules, by designs in the same material; a single spiral which can reach a maximum diameter of cm.300. Based on increments of the module size, custom dimensions are possible up to a maximum of 7 square meters. Only one colour can be chosen for the first and the third versions, two for the second.

High Tech rugs are produced with Aquatech and Rope, Paola Lenti signature yarns which provide for high performance in outdoor environments. Aquatech and Rope are resistant to the atmospheric elements and their colours offer a high fastness to sunlight, sea and swimming pool water. High Tech rugs are available in several colours coordinated to the upholstery fabrics of Paola Lenti seating furniture. Long lasting and easy to maintain, these rugs represent a valid alternative also for indoor spaces, both residential and contract. High Tech rugs are available in a wide range of standard dimensions, but can be produced also in custom sizes.

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Product Designer

Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti, Paola Lenti Tappeti

Paola Lenti was born in 1958 in Alessandria Italy,  where she completed classical studies. She later moved to Milan and graduated from Milan's Polytecnico. In the early eighties she started  working as an image coordinator and graphic designer for several events and fashion companies. In 1994 she founded the company, Paola Lenti, located in Italy's leading furniture district Meda, nea... More

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