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Rodolfo Dordoni
Indent (12 - 16 weeks)
Technical information:

Donovan Sofa

At first glance, the austere grouping of the Donovan sofa elements calls to mind the essential nature of cubism. But once seated, the sensation change. Donovan's softness is surprising, swathed as it is in goose down, arms and back included.

While eight different thickness of expanded polyurethane lend the seat cushion comfort that cries out quality. One of the latest Donovan innovations is the one-piece seat and another, and makes it possible to group elements together, even using sections with different dimensions, to create original and pleasantly asymmetrical compositions.

If it's true that its personality tends toward understatement and aims to appeal primarily to younger tastes, that doesn't close the door on versatility - at ease in a modern, minimalist setting. Simply upholster it in a jacquard fabric and it's a perfect fit for a more classic decor. As to details, the eyes are drawn to the alluring black-nickel metal designer feet; they stand out against the floor just enough to express themselves. In a whisper, but with attitude.

The mix of elements that makes up the Donovan sofa were carefully designed, square pieces that are also soft. The proportions of the armrest prevail over those of the back; both are fastened to the seat - three pieces held close together that come back; both are fastened to the seat - three pieces held close together that come alive, creating an angular effect on the outside, very functional and linear, and soft on the inside, forming a fluffy niche.

The Donovan corner element has two attractive functions: the first is to achieve "design-ability" among all the elements (end and centre elements) creating an infinite variety of sectional combinations; the second is to be a "one seat end element", even when combined with a simple variety of sectional combinations; the second is to be a "one seat end element", even when combined with a simple end element of any size, to recreate the effect of a single long sofa, but with an individual "corner niche".

The special detail at a 45 degree angle to the back, with its soft, cushiony lines, and workmanship that, with a skillful bit of tailoring, echoes the shapes, creating a feeling of wrap-around continuity and voluptuous lines.

Frame: solid wood. Frame let into elastic straps with a high rubber content.

Frame preparation: seat padding with high-resiliency polyurethane foam in different densities, that has been aggregated for anatomical, differentiated and long-lasting comfort. All the frame has a channeled goose down padding to enhance softness and
make the seating appear like a big inviting cushion.

Cushions: channeled goose down filling for the backrest cushions.

Feet: metal, Ø 25 mm, glossy Black-Nickel finish. Protective nylon glides.

Cover: fully removable fabric covers for the backrest cushions and frame.

N.B.: the 83x83 cm bench has the same depth as the seat and can be linked to the sections without an armrest on the peninsula side. The 103x103 cm bench corresponds to the total depth of the model and can be linked to the sections without armrests, at the back.

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Born in Milan in 1954, Rodolfo Dordoni graduated in architecture in 1979. From 1979 until 1989 he was responsible for the art direction and company image co-ordination of Cappellini International. Rodolfo Dordoni has a vast repertoire in product design typologies, encompassing domestic / contract lamps and furniture, storage systems, kitchens, bathroom accessories, objects, carpets and electrica... More

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