Air Chair
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Air Chair

Air Chair
Jasper Morrison
Indent (10 weeks)

Air Chair and Armchair versions.

 Air-Chair is not just a plastic chair: it takes its name from the “air-moulding” technology that makes it possible to create highly resistant yet super-lightweight products out of polypropylene added with fibreglass. Harmonious, dynamic, stackable, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use, Air-Chair creates a welcoming atmosphere anywhere: at home or in a collective space, in the kitchen, the dining room or the garden. Available in a range of colours to suit any taste and style, from simple hues to bright splashes, Air-Chair added also an extra colour option: pure white, to enhance its refined minimalism and versatility of use and setting.


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Product Designer

Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison


Born 1959 London. 1982  Design at Kingston Polytechnic Design School, London 1985  The Royal College of Art for Post Graduate studies. 1984  He studied at Berlin's HdK on a Scholarship. 1986  He opened his own design studio. Published A World Without Words in 1992. Had his first solo exhibition in the architectural centre Arc en reve, Bordeaux in 1995. Jasper's... More

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