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Regard Double

Regard Double
Kristof Pycke
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Technical information:

Kreon Regard Double light fitting

With respect to scale, the articulation of the forms, the monotone finish and its cubic design, the two forms of the Regard Double resembles a harmonic architectural construction.

Within the two forms of the Regard Double, the product can be ordered with different lamp types, double circuit connection and a logical seperation of the two light applications that the Regard Double provides.

With directional QT12-ax QR-LP111 or HIT-TC in the primary form, Regard Double gives the lighting designer a combination of directional narrow or medium wide light beams in combination with the general lighting applications of HIT-TC, QT-DE12, T5 and QR-CBC51 in the secondary form.

Available in a chrome, black or silk grey finish.

Chrome finish to be released late 2007.

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Kristof Pycke

Kristof Pycke


Born in Belgium, Kristof Pycke graducated with a master’s degree at Henry De Velde Institute in Antewerp in 1995. He worked in product development at Massive consumer lighting division (1996-1998) and head of product design and developemtn at Kreon (1999-2005). In 2005-2007, he became the art director at Kreon developing the company’s product design and development and corporate ide... More

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