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Holon Tubular
Kristof Pycke
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Kreon Holon Tubular

Holon’s timeless design enables this fitting to find application in a vast range of projects.

The simple and yet strong geometrical form earns its place in corridors, meeting rooms and other public areas.

Holon can be supplied with various light sources such as halogen lamps and discharge lamps.

Holon has been designed for rooms that embrace its language of form but do not require an adjustable luminaire head.

This fitting is an easy to install surface-mounted spotlight.

It features an integrated electronic ballast.

The highly efficient reflectors are easy to replace and are suitable for reflector-free lamps such as QT12-ax and HIT-TC-CE.

All models are equipped with an anti-glare ring and a filter holder for 3 optional filters.

Holon offers furthermore a waterproof version for outdoor use.

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Product Designer

Kristof Pycke

Kristof Pycke


Born in Belgium, Kristof Pycke graducated with a master’s degree at Henry De Velde Institute in Antewerp in 1995. He worked in product development at Massive consumer lighting division (1996-1998) and head of product design and developemtn at Kreon (1999-2005). In 2005-2007, he became the art director at Kreon developing the company’s product design and development and corporate ide... More

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