Olivares Aluminum Chair
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Olivares Aluminum Chair

Olivares Aluminum Chair
Knoll Studio
Jonathan Olivares
Indent (12 - 16 weeks)
Technical information:

Knoll Olivares Aluminum Chair

Jonathan Olivares's meticulously executed design brings a refined sculptural presence to indoor and outdoor environments alike. The gracefully contoured form is carefully shaped to offer maximum comfort and the die cast aluminum shell is available in a palette of bright, contemporary colors.

upported by Knoll’s experienced team of furniture and engineering experts, and with these icons in mind, Olivares went forward on an ambitious quest to create a perfect outdoor chair: not too heavy, certainly not too light, more comfortable than anything else, and something smart enough should it make its way inside. The result — a deft arrangement of material, technical craft, form, and color — is so comfortable, durable, and handsome that you don't even think about it. Olivares has hosted the languorous meals and hang outs to prove it: no complaints.

The chair’s shape evolved in order to maximize structure and hit the sweet spot in terms of weight. Olivares’s team continuously measured against the Bertoia chair (15 lbs.) until shavings here, adjustments there yielded the perfect weight. (The final product is just under 15 lbs.) Advanced computer modeling systems allowed his team to constantly “weigh” the chair. Structural and ergonomic tests, and a cache of scale models and printed prototypes are now relics of a nearly four-year-long process toward the final product.

Product Designer

Jonathan Olivares

Jonathan Olivares

Knoll Studio

After graduating from Pratt Institute and the New School, Jonathan Olivares established his own design studio Jonathan Olivares Design Research (JODR) in 2006. The firm deploys a multi-angle approach to product and exhibition design, and research. For the research arm of his design consultancy, Olivares has completed an analysis of the American furniture industry for Domus, and a survey o... More

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