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Autostrada AS-4
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Jonathan Crinion
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Knoll AutoStrada AS-4 collaborative Open Table.

Designed by Jonathan Crinion

Architecture for the Workplace
AutoStrada meets evolving workplace needs with innovative design from collaborative spaces for team interaction to private offices, addressing any office combination with a consistent, universal aesthetic of high-quality materials and carefully considered details combining wood, laminate and anodized aluminum

Whether an office requires an open plan approach, architectural case goods, progressive private office furniture or a collaborative "big table" concept, AutoStrada provides a solution

Best of NeoCon Silver Award, Furniture Systems, 2004

Collaborative Planning 
Crinion Open Table is the high-performance alternative for open, collaborative work environments. The table accommodates a group of four to eight or more at a continuous worksurface.

The Crinion Open Table typically consists of deep worksurfaces cantilever supported by parallel beams between end legs. The beams form a technology corridor for flat screen monitor supports, outlets and power/data distribution.

Available in plastic laminate, Techwood or natural veneers, with aluminum fittings

Worksurfaces Individual worksurfaces are available in four standard widths, 48", 60", 72” and 96" and three depths, nominal 24”, 30" or 36”
Worksurfaces may be combined to form single-sided or dual groups on a base assembly
All worksurfaces have continuous 1/2" cord drop and may be specified with edge grommet or hinged power access door
Fixed cantilever brackets support worksurfaces at 28 ½”-high
Adjustable cantilevers enable worksurfaces to be independently set at 27”, 27 ¾”, 28 ½”, 29 ½” or 30”

Base Assemblies
Base assembles simplify specification for most common configurations of single-sided or dual open tables from 10 to 25 feet long
Crinion Open Table bases may also be specified by individual components to create tables from 5 feet to 48 feet or longer.
Base components required include: end legs + starter beams + extension beams and intermediate legs + top channels + trusses + cantilevers and midspan supports
Intermediate legs, required every 12 - 16 feet do not interfere with the kneespace or with the power and cable distribution zone between beams. Tables with end counters must be built from components

Privacy Screens Privacy screens are 12” or 19”-high, creating 41” or 48”-high horizons and are constructed of anodized aluminum
Privacy screen widths: 30”, 36”, 60” and 72”
Privacy screens mount to the top channel between worksurfaces; they are available in translucent acrylic

Crinion worksurfaces accept KnollExtra flat screen monitor arms and task lights at any point, except behind the hinged power access door

For complete specification information, consult the Autostrada or Crinion Open Table price list

Autostrada and Sustainable Design
Manufactured using clean technology, including water-based adhesives, powder coating on metal, powder coating on wood and UV-cured wood coating, all of which are virtually VOC-free
Available in FSC-certified composite wood
AutoStrada can help meet the U.S. Green Building Council LEED® requirements

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Take Back Policy

Dedece offers a take-back policy on all our items, whether commercial or residential, to reduce the amount of furniture going to landfill.

Most Knoll products have a second or more lifetime usage capability so we have arrangements with organisations that are willing to take & use our second-hand furniture.

We have also found ways to recycle plastics, timbers & metals when the furniture can no longer be used.



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Product Designer

Jonathan Crinion

Jonathan Crinion

Knoll Office

Crinion, Jonathan born 1953 Birthplace: England Jonathan Crinion was educated in Canada, where he studied architecture and industrial design at Carleton University and the University of Toronto, and product and systems design at the Ontario College of Art and Design. He founded Crinion Associates, an industrial design consulting firm, and has developed for Knoll since 1995. His work with... More

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