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Roberto Mascazzini

Roberto Mascazzini

Born in Cuggiono (Milan) on August 6, 1958.

He received his architecture degree in 1985 from Milan's Polytechnic University. Since then he has worked as Material's Specialist under Professor Vittoriano Viganò, for Architectural Composition III, concentrating on teaching methodology and scientific research.

From 1987-93 he collaborated with various furniture manufacturers.

In 1988 he joined the Order of Architects of Milan.

In 1989 he and others founded architectural studio Architre, focusing mainly on design for exposition stands. The following year he opened his own studio.

In 1990, with partners, V. Viganò, C. Castiglioni, C. Moretti, N. Palavezzati and F. Valsecchi he was involved in the project entitled: ‘Il Parco Universitario di Bovisa' (Bovisa's University Park) concerning the projected new Bovisa campus of Milan's Polytechnic University.

He participates in both national and international competitions, predominantly on themes in urban planning. Some projects and works have received commendation.

Presently he is involved in various stages of projects for both private parties and public entities.

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