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Robert & Trix Haussmann

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Robert & Trix Haussmann


Robert & Trix Haussmann

Robert & Trix Haussmann

Born 1931 Switzerland
Profession Architect
1961 Became a member of the Swiss Architects Association - Zürich, Switzerland
1967 Establishes own office for architecture, design and visual consulting, together with Trix Haussmann.
1979 - 1981 Teacher at the Swiss Institute of Technology for Architecture.
1986 Teacher at the Academy of Art in Stuttgart.

1963 Graduated Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH). Zurich, Graduated in architecture and urban planning.
Teacher at the ETH Swiss Institute of Technology.

Robert Haussmann (pupil of Itten, Rietveld and Willy Guhl) sketches furniture and interiors for the 50's: since 1967 has worked together with Trix (who learnt from Olgiati and Gisel), since 1970.
Internationally recognized, the Swiss married architectural couple work on a large spectrum, which reaches from small utensils to furniture pieces, buildings and town planning.
Well-known projects are Crown-sound bar in Zurich, the Galleria in Hamburg, the railways Lounge in Frankfurt station. In addition, recorders, glasses, desktop devices, ironical furniture objects of the 80's, furniture for companies such as Knoll, de Sede, Dietiker, Interprofil, Roethlisberger, Seilaz

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