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Paola Navone

Paola Navone

A major figure at Etnicometropolitano, Paola Navone is an ethnical nomad par excellence.

After graduating in Architecture in 1973, she worked with a number of clients, including Centrokappa, Abet Laminati and Alessi to name a few. She then began doing consulting work on corporate image and product development in a number of south east Asian countries, such as the Philipines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, where she operated on behalf of UNIDO and the World Bank. From 1988 to 1995, Navone, together with Giulio Cappellini she founded Cappellini Mondo. Since 1995 she has set up numerous trade shows in Frankfurt, Paris and Florence. She began doing consulting work for Gervasoni, Orizzonti and Piazza Sempione in 1997. Paola Navone currently lives and works in Milan and Hong Kong.

Her main activity is as a consultant for manufacturers of furniture, furnishings and materials. For these clients she oversees product planning and development and supervises compnay image, catalogue planning, and preparation of exhibits and events. Among others she has worked for Knoll International, Alessi, Mondo, Driade, Gervasoni, Arcade and Orizzonti, and is currently consultant for Armani's line of home products.

As part of the Etnicometropolitano project, Navone has provided her profound knowledge of the potential of different materials: Indian textiles, New Zealand wool, Moroccan fabrics, African Wood, Asian stone, Philippine weaves, Thai paper as well as copper, metals, cement and so on... Materials from around the world that live together, mix, blend, meld into one another while retaining their independence, coming together to create extraordinary, unique, highly striking products.

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