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Arnold Merckx

Arnold Merckx

Arnold Merckx was born in 1941 in Franeker, the Netherlands.
He got his technical training as an interior designer at the Academy of Design and Technical Sciences in Rotterdam.
He got his practical training with Kho Liang ie in Amsterdam and André Motte & Pierre Paulin in Paris.
In 1966 he became a home designer in the furniture factory Fristho.
1978 sees the establishment of his own design office, working for furniture producers from home and abroad. eg Arco; Spectrum; Pastoe; Renz; Interlübke; Montis; Möller
In 1992 he was awarded the Silver Interior Design prize in Rotterdam.
He designed the Ex-Tempore range for Extremis in 1998

"I come from a family which has been making furniture for many generations. I consider quality, use of materials, production processes and actual use to be of vital importance. Furniture is a part of our day-to-day environment, nothing less, nothing more".

So speaks Arnold Merckx (Franeker, 1941), who completed his studies in Interior Architecture at the Academy of Visual Arts and Technical Science in Rotterdam in1962.
On completing his studies, Arnold Merckx undertook a practical apprenticeship with Kho Liang Ie and Pierre Paulin, among others, after which he worked at Fristho, his father's furniture factory. He started his own design bureau in 1978, Arnold Merckx Design, in which he works mainly for furniture manufacturers in The Netherlands and abroad.
Hs designs are for companies such as Arco, Pastoe and Montis, and have already gained him a number of prizes.
Merckx designs are characterised by a certain restraint, a considerable sense of timelessness, and the use of straight lines. Special attention to detail and the use of materials distinguish his furniture. Arnold Merckx makes intelligent use of elementary forms, ensuring his furniture remains recognisable. However, he is not a pure functionalist.
Arnold Merckx describes this himself as follows:
"Function, emotion and temporal expression always go together. Where you live and how you furnish your home are components of daily life. That is why I want to make the best quality furniture. Although my various designs are very different, they are all based on the same point of departure: peace. That is what I want to give people".
Spectrum will present a new table, chair and armchair designed by him, all included in Spectrum's latest collection, in January 2000.
In January 2000 Spectrum presented new designs: table Spider, available in different sizes and the diningchair Flow High and the easy chair Flow Low.

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