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A.G. Fronzoni

A.G. Fronzoni

1923 - 2002 Fronzoni, born in Pistoia in 1923, arrived in Milan during the post-war years. His professional career embraced various design realms. He designed museum installations, objects and clothing. He lived and worked alongside the great names in the field from the second half of the last century. He never wanted recognition for anything specific other than being a designer. An outsider to Milan himself, he delighted, when introducing acquaintances, in proclaiming their place of origin, attached as an adjective to their vocation, as if that were the key to their mystery. He began his professional career in 1949 and lectured for 20 years at the Umanitaria in Milan, the Monza Art Institute, the Senior Institute for the Art Industry in Urbino and the Milan Institute for visual communication before he opened his own workshop-school in 1982. His courses were biennial and the subjects ranged from ?how to sit at a table? to the acquaintance of architecture. He was familiar with the architecture of Giuseppe Terragni and dreamed of Mies. His teaching method was learning by working.

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