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Aarhus Arkitekterne A/S

Aarhus Arkitekterne A/S

Aarhus Arkitekterne A/S is a Danish architectural firm with offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen. With its around 50 employees it is among the 15 largest architectural firms in Denmark. One of its main fields of activity is
building of hospitals in Denmark as well as abroad. Town halls, concert buildings, schools, shopping centers, domiciles are included on their reference list as well.

Aarhus Arkitekterne A/S designed the Vola head quarter in Horsens in 1999 and extended the building in 2003. They also designed the Vola showroom in Amsterdam in 2005 and is now designing the Vola showroom in Vienna. The new Vola academy in Horsens which will be opened in 2008 is also designed by Aarhus Arkitekterne A/S.

The design department of Aarhus Arkitekterne A/S supports and compliments
production of building architecture of the firm, but it also developes product
ranges for industrial customers. As an example the designer and architect Torben Madsen and Mogens Kristensen won a competition arranged by Danish Design Center in 1998 for a new fireplace for Hwam Heat design, called WALL, which later received the international design prize, Red Dot Award.

In 2006 Torben Madsen and Mogens Kristensen designed the floor-mounted mixer for Vola.

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