Tulsa 1 & 2
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Tulsa 1 & 2

Tulsa 1 & 2
Swarovski Crystal Palace
Michael Anastassiades
Indent (12 - 16 weeks)
Technical information:

Swarovski Tulsa 1 & 2 Chandeliers

Michael Anastassiades takes his cue from the beauty found in the destructive power of nature, basing his lights on the form of a tornado.

Using Swarovski crystal, he has created two seemingly untamed sculptural conical shapes.

" I wanted to do some research and look at the history of crystal, how the material has been used in the past. I decided to work in abundance rather than in small numbers."

Tulsa 1

Dimensions - Height: 100cm, Width: 30cm, 12kg

Tulsa 2

Dimensions - Height: 100cm, Width: 30cm, 10.5kg

Product Designer

Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades

Swarovski Crystal Palace

Michael Anastassiades launched his studio in 1994 to explore contemporary notions of culture and aesthetics through a combination of product, furniture and environmental design. Positioned between fine art and design, his work aims to provoke dialogue, participation and interaction. He creates objects that are minimal, utilitarian and almost mundane yet full of a vitality one might not expe... More

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