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Swarovski Crystal Palace
Georg Baldele
Indent (12 - 16 weeks)
Technical information:

Swarovski Glitterbox Chandelier - Horizontal, Vertical and Lantern

Part of the original Swarovski Crystal Palace collection launched in 2002, George Baldele's 'Glitterbox' chandelier is a timeless and distinctive design which is now available in several sizes and as either a horizontal or vertical chandelier.

'Glitterbox Horizontal' is available in the following sizes and dimensions -

Large - 41cm H x 200cm L x 25cm W
Weight - 140kg

Small - 31cm H x 150cm L x 25cm W
Weight - 70kg

Mini - 37cm H x 100cm L x 20cm W
Weight - 50kg

Colours - Clear crystal / Golden teak / Light Peridot

'Glitterbox Vertical'

Part of the original Swarovski Crystal Palace collection in 2002, Georg Baldele's Glitterbox chandelier is a timeless and distinctive design constructed from a series of Swarovski crystal prisms lit from within by a column of LEDs. Baldele describes the design as a 'huge block of ice, floating in the air, glittering from inside and out.'

Large - 250cm H x 20cm W x 20cm D   64kg

Small - 180cm H x 18cm W x 18cm D   47kg

'Glitterbox Lantern'

A scaled-down table version of the Glitterbox chandelier designed for the inaugural Swarovski Crystal Palace collection in 2002, the latern can be lit using LEDs or traditional tea lights. A timeless yet distinctive design, Glitterbox is available as a floor lamp and horizontal or vertical chandelier.

Dimensions - 24cm H x 12cm W x 12cm D   3kg


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Product Designer

Georg Baldele

Georg Baldele

Swarovski Crystal Palace

A young and brilliant Austrian designer who studied at the Royal College of Art and is a protégé of Ingo Maurer. As much an inventor as a designer, he is best known for his hanging candles (as seen in Harry Potter), candles which seem to be suspended in space. This year he has been working with crystal, turning into into a fabric. More

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