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Westpac Group Barangaroo

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Project Manager:
Lend Lease
Interior Designer:
Geyer Design
Point of View
Shannon McGrath
Richard Glover

Embodying Westpac’s global mindset with local context and emphasising one-team connectedness.

There is a timeless Australian vernacular where people are no longer bound by brand, ownership, geography, or technology

Westpac’s 60,000sqm Barangaroo workplace introduces a new working philosophy – WorkSMART – which takes a holistic, human-centred approach facilitating an innovative, flexible working environment and integrates Westpac’s different brands and geographies.

Time-utilisation studies indicating a significant population already adopting agile working provided the platform to embrace a more efficient and effective workplace proposition enabling Westpac to be more nimble in responding to change.

Large and staggered void penetrations were negotiated within the lease around which social hubs and working villages were nestled, demystifying the notion of inter-floor interactions to foster nomadic community conversations.

A multi-floor strategy encouraged a broader radius of movement around the large contiguous and adaptable floor plates between 2,300sqm to 3,000sqm) supporting adoption of the WorkSMART program.

Delivered with an intrinsically Australian narrative, the workplace enshrines a diverse landscape of flexibility and choice for Westpac’s’ people and visitors.

It expresses tactile and honest materiality with conversational Australian references and stories gathering around the shed, the campfire, the veranda.

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