Waverley House 2
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Waverley House 2

MAC Interactive Architects
Thomas Ferguson

A steep, narrow set of steps descended to the pocket-size yard below, completely separating the house from the garden. It was obvious to Andy that any alteration should first address the abrupt separation and create a better connection between the interior and exterior spaces.

From the street, the first hints of an architectural intervention are noticed in the new cedar-framed window casings, front door and battened side gate. Minimal interventions to the front third of the house included slicing the windows along the narrow side passage into French door openings and enlarging the front bedroom window to give the previously dark bedrooms more natural light and an outdoor connection. Sanding back and re-staining the original Huon pine floorboards has toned them closely to the new blackbutt flooring that is used in the extension. Andy also cleverly chose to build out the front fence into concealed storage hutches for waste and recycling, in order to leave the side access clear for new decking and allow it to be an uninterrupted enclosure.

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