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W House

MCK Architects
Richard Glover

An inner-city Warehouse with various past lives of an auto-garage, factory for a glass decorator and bachelor pad is reimagined as a family home.

Vertical stacking of the residential spaces in a restricted urban setting envisages an alternate typology for the 21st century family home, replacing the horizontal standard seen in suburban development.

W house revels in the site opportunities on offer with a double height internal void complimenting an external courtyard of similar dimension, providing extended views to the city and beyond with secure containment and private space.

The front facade steps back from the street and recedes to allow prominence to the heritage status facade. There is a journey from street to roof terrace reinforced by the staircase that is focal and pivotal in its articulation and explanation of the interior.

An engagement with the peeled back layers of factory and warehouse heritage creates dialogue with white, floating and mirrored abstract forms. The monochromatic approach is a continuing MCK studio philosophy that the architecture should be about form and space, forming a backdrop for the ‘colour’ of the inhabitants and their family life.

A Sydney inner city warehouse has had many lives over the years, serving as an auto-garage, then a factory for a glass decorator, before living a bachelor pad, and finally a family home

The residential spaces of the warehouse have been stacking vertically, in a unique design flourish by MCK, serving as an alternate typology for the 21st century family home.

The W House received a commendation at the 2016 Australian Institute of Architects NSW annual Awards.

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