Vaucluse House 6
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Vaucluse House 6

Interior Designer:
Arent & Pyke
Jason Busch

Embracing a subdued neutral palette for this Vaucluse home allows the splendour of the surrounding harbour to breathe colour into the elegant space. The architectural palette was strong and uncomplicated, so Arent&Pyke worked to complement and balance those materials to create the feelings of ease and relaxation that the client desired. 

Although the views outward to the harbour are irresistible, there is an inward focus - on the family being together and thoroughly enjoying their home. The vast spaces have been broken down into more intimate pockets where the clients may enjoy dining, living, relaxing, entertaining, resting. Stone floors are softened with hand-tufted patterned woollen rugs and soft textural fabrics, large expanses of glass were treated with sheer Belgian linens.

The effect created is one of refined sophistication that moves subtley from room to room.

Today we look back to the Harbour House, an Arent&Pyke project from some years ago. We like to feature our projects on In/Out not only to showcase our work but because they are often used as a reference point for exciting new projects.

The Harbour House has an exceptional view and although the harbour panoramas are irresistible, there is an inward focus – on the family being together and enjoying their home. The vast open spaces were celebrated with a sophisticated contemporary palette for the clients to enjoy dining, living, relaxing, entertaining and resting.

From the outset, the clients had a vivid image of the way they wanted to experience their new home and the landscape around it. Our intention was to bring light, sophisticated softness and warmth to the house despite the largely neutral decorative palette. The spaces are open, calm and soft and the furnishings refined. Key pieces from French furniture house Christian Liaigre are complimented by crisp white Minotti sofas and iconic pieces, such as the Taccia lamp from Flos make this interior timelessly elegant.

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