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Swarovski Crystal Palace


Reinventing the chandelier - Your palace or mine ?

The world-renowned Austrian family owned company, Swarovski, has been producing the finest cut crystal since the late 19th century. Throughout the 20th Century, Swarovski worked hand in hand with the most talented innovators in all fields of design. In recent years, the company has instigated a series of high profile projects aimed at bringing crystal to the forefront of fashion, working with designers such as Julien MacDonald and Alexander McQueen.

Crystal has now become an essential ingredient in cutting edge fashion, and Swarovski has successfully built a strong mutually creative relationship with the fashion community.

Crystal Palace Project: Reinventing the chandelier Your palace or mine?

Chandeliers move from the ballroom to your room. Traditional chandeliers are creeping back into our consciousness as we look for more feeling, more fantasy in our interiors. You see them in hotels like the Hudson, on the catwalks of Paul Smith, in the pages of Elle Decoration and Wallpaper. But most importantly you see them in your dreams.

"The poignant lyricism of the chandeliers touched a nerve in those who feel that much of today's design is missing emotional weight" Crystal Palace Swarovski's crystal chandelier components, introduced in the 1950's, are celebrated worldwide for their superb quality, for their lustre and brilliance. 

Swarovski is working with cutting edge designers around the world,

The aim is to break down barriers and preconceptions regarding the role and image of the traditional chandelier, whilst still capturing and perpetuating its fantasy and emotional impact, and to stimulate an entirely new vision for the chandelier, to make it relevant to contemporary lifestyle, an object of desire for today and for the future.

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