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Pacific Bondi Beach

SJB Architects
Sharrin Rees

Pacific, Bondi Beach is a display suite for a new apartment development at North Bondi. The display suite was designed and decorated to reflect beachside elegance. Three separate firms were selected to design the apartment interiors on sale, and our firm also had the pleasure of designing the sales suite.

Pacific Bondi Beach is the redevelopment of the Swiss Grand Hotel site on Campbell Parade by Rebel Property Group and Capit.el Group.

Like all display suites, a challenge with this project was to create a real sense of residential luxury in what is otherwise a commercial space for selling apartments. We designed the space to have a sense of calm and ease with light colours and textured materials.

The brief was to design an aspirational space – one that conveyed relaxed luxury and captured the visitor’s imagination. The palette of materials and furnishings were restrained and textured to sit comfortably in front of an extraordinary view. We collaborated with the architect of the vaulted pavilion and chose to mirror the entire back wall so that the view was in sight from all angles.

The Pacific display suite sets a new benchmark for its type. Apartment developments have been one of the most enduring sectors of the construction industry in last five years in Sydney, and display suites have become an increasingly important part of that industry. Our clients brief was simple: world class.

The release of 87 apartments sold out on the first Saturday morning of the project launch and there were many overseas purchasers. As much as we’d like the think the developments success rested on the interior decoration - it obviously didn’t. But the creation of an idealistic vision of beachside luxury, right down to the selection of small accessories, had an unqualified impact on the project style.

The display suite has been nominated for an Interior Design Excellence (IDEA) Award in the Residential Decoration category.

SJB Interiors were selected with two other design firms to create a world class residential offering at Bondi Beach.

Inspired by the eclectic flair of Bondi and the graphic nature of the urban beach, SJB Interiors designed textured interiors that reflect on the very unique personality that is Bondi.

With a simultaneous launch of sales in Sydney and Hong Kong, the success of the first day sent confidence through the Sydney market; 74 of the 76 available apartments were sold in the morning of the first day.

In addition a number of penthouses were also sold ahead of their planned release in months to come, amounting to a gross sale on first day of $164 million.

Inherent to display suites is the challenge of creating a valid sense of residential luxury in what is otherwise a commercial space for selling apartments. A calming, restrained and textured palette of materials and furnishings was nominated to sit easily in front of the postcard outlook – while mirroring the entire back wall ensured that the view was visible from all angles. An idealistic vision of relaxed beachside elegance captured the visitor’s imagination.

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