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Mars Lounge

David Hicks
Kyle Ford

The Client had seen what was happening in Melbourne and liked the bar/restaurant/club environments. They wanted to create this type of atmosphere in Sydney while still maintaining a high level of design sophistication and glamour.

The site located in Wentworth Avenue, formally Joe Diamonds, is unique in its location alone. Bordering the CBD, being on the end of Oxford Street, and located on the edge of the thriving Surry Hills area, this venue had to cater for a vast integration of clientele.

The Mars theme is to provide an environment where every person be it, black, white, straight, gay, trendy, alternative, who wish to dine, dance, or drink, feel comfortable.

The theme Mars had already been developed by Peter O'Brien in San Francisco, where he already owns and operates a highly successful establishment. We had to reinterpret the theme so that it would sit within Sydney's demographic of style and taste.

The existing building had many intriguing features, such as the timber ceiling beams, the existing timber flooring, and feature brickwork walls, which were maintained and incorporated into the scheme. This provided a lofty warehouse feeling which was perfect to contrast with the more streamlined insertions of silver and black glitter bar boxes, drinking bench, and circular ‘Vivid White' gloss and red lined seating pods. ‘Burmese Beige' was used as the wall render colour to give a warm tactile appearance while splashes of ‘Cherry Red' were used on wall screen treatments and feature walls. The red links the space back to the Mars theme and provides excitement with a vibrant contemporary feel.

The furniture was selected to continue this theme with an eclectic mix of contemporary white Cappellini furniture and black classic Knoll furniture to contrast with the interior colour scheme.

A warehouse feel was created with a glamorous undertone and a fresh contemporary feel highlighted with slick detailing. A contrast in materials was used to bring warmth to the space while still maintaining a high level of design resolution. The materials and paint colours were intentionally chosen for there specific task while achieving a modernist feel of metal mixed with timber mixed with stone, and shinny mixed with matt mixed with rough. This was achieved with the ‘Burmese Beige' wall render contrasted with slick insertions of ‘Vivid White', contrasted with detail of ‘Deep Onyx' and punched out with ‘Cherry Red'. Overall the colours provide a very graphic element to the space.

This mix provides a stimulating environment to be in, both on a visual and tactile level. The various different seating arrangements allows patrons to simply stand and have a beer, lounge and have a cocktail, or sit and have a serious chow down. And for those who get itchy feet dancing is encouraged on top of the drinking bench.

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