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Killara Home

Playoust Churcher Architects
Interior Designer:
Justine Hugh-Jones
Prue Ruscoe

Return to Eden - Fond Childhood memories led an expat to tackle the revamp of an Arts and Crafts home on an estate on Sydney's north shore.

When the long-term expat owner of this expansive Arts and raft Home on Sydney's upper north shore bought it in 2007 the reasons were twofold - firstly, it reminded him of a happy childhood growing up in the area, and secondly, it was evocative of memories of a great stint working in England where many of the homes on the outskirt of London had a similar aesthetics.

Built in the 1930s the home has a local heritage listing which presented challenges to his plans to open up and lighten the house to create a contemporary look and layout for the family of four.

To deal with these issues he briefed architects Brett Churcher and John Hooghuis of Playoust Churcher to contemporise the house for today's living while maintaining the classic facade which was subject to heritage restrictions.

He also added an interior designer and landscaper - Peter Fudge - to the team. He had seen the work of Justine Hugh Jones on Belle - "The architects had already done a design, but when my senior designer Katrina Mackintosh and I came on board we collaborated harmoniously to sort out the myriad challenges" - says Justine.

"Working with the heritage restraints, we were not allowed to change the red brick so a new direction was taken, painting the Georgian-style shutters and window frames in contemporary hue and adding steel pergolas which sympathized with and modernize the exterior" - say Justine.

"An unconditional brief is a fantastic vote of confidence and such a boon for creative enterprise' - added Justine. A perfect result for a design-savvy expat returning home.

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