Gray & Minty residence
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Gray & Minty residence

Interior Designer:
Smart Design Studio
Quentin Jones
With relatively few structural changes to this 1980's designed apartment, WSD transformed a clumsy, unfurnishable space into an elegant and calm inner city pad.

The brief was to design an apartment that had a timeless and enduring quality as well as resolve some of the organisational problems.
The solution was enclose one door, reshape the size of the openings, remove cornices and apply new finishes throughout.

By using a limited palate of materials we were able to create a homogenous and continuous space.

Architectural elements such as the free-standing marble screen, coloured pivoting panels and the horizontal Wenge benchtops were used in an artistic manner to visually separate or connect spaces.

The elements used in the design have planar and articulated forms and draw the eye through and around the space.

With a relatively limited budget, this apartment was dramatically transformed into something which seems far more simple, spacious and relaxing.

This commission showed great restraint and accomplishes its task of removing the clutter that was there - less is more

The apartment has been pared back to its streamlined function.

The client now has a clean, workable and liveable place of abode

A thin marble screen was built to create a sense of entry hall space and to define further the living area. 3 pivoting coloured wall panels act as a link to the kitchen and are used as pass through and visual aid.

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