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Five Dock House

Interior Designer:
Greg Natale

The formal living room (above) is Greg’s favourite part of the 1940s red brick house in Sydney’s Five Dock. “It’s just stunningly beautiful. I love the green, orange and yellow together, I always have. It’s very Brady Bunch.” The room’s starting point was the Susan Doherty painting (below) which inspired it.

The lady of the house’s request for pretty wallpaper was fulfilled with two different designs in the same colour way from Signature Prints. The below design is a Florence Broadhurst.

These dark walls were one of the last things to be added. “The house wasn’t flowing,” said Greg. “When we did the black walls it made the whole house flow. I think the timber floors pull it together too.”

Unlike many designers, Greg enjoys doing children’s rooms (below) because you can have so much fun with them.

He had to fight to keep this original (in my opinion, gorgeous) bathroom. “It was too good to rip it out,” says Greg, who added Florence Broadhurst peacock wallpaper.

At the back of the house, leading to the garden and pool, there is an abundance of natural light in the modern, open plan living area. Greg has used his own rug range for Designer Rugs and art by Scott Petrie.

The bi-fold doors open up the entire back of the house to the luxurious garden and pool area. I love the chandelier helping to zone the dining area.

“We definitely have two different looks at Greg Natale Design: classic and clean,” he says. “And more and more we are being asked to go for a more clean look which is really exciting for us. There will always be a signature Greg Natale look and some people love it and will always want to have that, even if we try and talk them into something else. It’s really important as a designer to keep evolving though.”


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