Double Bay House 1
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Double Bay House 1

Pohio Adams Architects
Christopher Adams

The program required the addition of a top floor to an existing masonry building.

The design is driven by the site’s steep topography, and is expressed by a folding form to the upper envelope, that splits and wraps around the masonry base, flowing down the rear façade.

The roof is split along the line of circulation through the house, wide galleries stacked on each level are interconnected by sculptural stairs, one curving up to the private upper floor, the other providing visual connection between the lower living levels, garden and views beyond.

An unexpected view across the valley is revealed when entering the house. The rear façade is punctuated with projecting and recessed decks and terraces offering varying degrees of openness, shelter and privacy.

The street façade is an enigmatic mix of the original bay window and entry arch, new zinc roof, garage, and roof garden.

A new pool is built as a projecting structure high above the surrounding to provide a dramatic platform amongst the trees.

Materiality is key with selections made for inherent qualities, longevity, and aesthetic coherence. The built result is robust, will age beautifully, and maximises the benefits inherent in site and context.

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