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Davide Groppi


Since the end of the eighties Davide Groppi has designed unique lamps which he manufactures and distributes all over the world through a company with his own name.

From its' beginning, Davide Groppi has been standing out for his interest in technology and innovation, his care for design, his humanistic approach to the project, his international attitude, his awareness towards the social aspects of the business.

The basic components of Davide Groppi design are simplicity, lightness, emotion and invention.

Light is thought to make sense, following a vision based both on coherence and on the need to be different.

The company deals also with light designing and planning, it looks after one-off, sets, shows and whatever can be named “tailored light”.

The factory headquarter is in Piacenza, where Davide is working together with a selected group of people and where since 2012 the first “Spazio Esperienze” has been opened for architects and all the people who want to know in depth the production and the philosophy of the company.

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