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David Hicks
Inspiration came from the two colours that the client uses most in designing the clothing. A metallic gold brown contrasted with a steel blue detail both being highlighted with generous silver chrome detailing. The textures and materials used are very modernist and, combined with minimalist detailing, create a very chic and comfortable space - a space that is reflective and glamorous with the use of polished chrome, raw travertine stone, highly lacquered timber, goat hair carpet and metallic panelling. The mix of textures and colour tones is very tactile and soothing and complements the different cuts and materials of the clothing, creating a space that is very individual and totally Christopher Chronis.

The site for the Christopher Chronis store was very long and narrow so it was a concern that the rear of the premises be enticing enough to draw customers down. A series of stepped platforms was introduced into the space to separate the areas, segmenting the store and also setting the rear at eye level from the street, allowing a clear view through the entire store. As the label consists of both menswear and womenswear, it was appropriate to divide the space in two halves. A central unit was designed to direct customers down either side of the store. The space at the rear is subtly divided again by a change in floor finish and colour. This area, reserved for formal wear, is bathed in the signature blue - from the goat hair carpet to the smooth plaster walls, to the change room curtains and even down to the fabric cushions on the occasional stools. The area is one evoking intimacy and comfort. The elevated floor level brings the ceiling closer providing a more boutique feel to the evening wear area.

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