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Brimar Court

Interior Designer:
Christopher Connell
Earl Carter

Within the old building’s footprint, Brimar Court is a wholly new build, encompassing architecture, landscaping and interior design. The internal layout retains the former layout’s intent, yet places greater emphasis on height, light and views out to the landscape.

The living wing is divided into zones, which can be closed off, while in the bedroom wing, quieter, secluded spaces stem from the long corridor. The volumes and views through give the interior a gallery-like quality and furniture, materials, light fittings and art were selected accordingly.

Chris Connel and his design studio are not only interior designers and architects but symbiotically are Map international, classic contemporary Australian furniture. His spaces are elegant and at ease but as we all know less may be more but it's also a darn sight more difficult to achieve than more.

It is all about well executed details, about making everything look effortless but always about the quality of design. I've included some of the design studio's commercial work after the jump. Those of you familiar with Melbourne's cafe scene will know and most likely already love these dining spaces

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