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Bonacina 1889


In 1889 Giovanni Bonacina founded his small business in the wake of the ancient art of Lombard basket makers. He was full of confidence due to the experience he had gained working with rattan furniture manufacturers from Germany, Austria and Holland.

As the years go by the firm has always maintained its craftsman's touch in order to offer a highly qualified product.

At the beginning of the century Givanni Bonacina started to export his products. The high quality of design and the fine precision work resulted in the winning of the gold medal at the exhibitions of London and Paris in 1909 and in Rome in 1910. Of that period are also the prestigious projects such as Villa d'Este on Lake Como.

In the 1950s Vittorio Bonacina (Giovanni's son) understands the importance of cooperating with important designers such as Albini, Helg, Crespi, Forges Davanzati, Sambonet and many others. The Bonacina's line of products became a reference point for Italian designers over that period.

Since then the company has grown obtaining various acknowledgements.

Vittorio Bonacina's firm is now represented by his son Mario Bonacina, who besides having a manager role is also a designer. He has had the idea of re-inventing the pieces produced by his grandfather while understanding the right balance between craftsmanship and design.

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