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Previously owned by the celubrous chef Jacques Reymond, the restaurant had existing great design elements but required a refresh and relaunch with its new owner operator.

The inspiration came from ‘Arintji’, an aboriginal word for orange; and by the deconstructivist style of the building and the emanation of art in the precinct. The response was to use an orange coloured metal, copper in this instance playing also with the texture of an orange, creating a sculpture that would simulate the skin of the fruit after being pealed.

The original ironbark wall and floorboards were kept and more timber was installed to the dining room giving an intense rich wooden atmosphere to the space.

Random copper mesh panels folded from the walls and the ceiling are a key feature of the restaurant creating rhythm to the timber shell and giving a stylish twist to the dining room. The introduction of a sheer charcoal curtain softens the space and divides the room into a large function room on the Yarra River. From the dining room to the bar the ceiling panels dissipate giving view to 1950’s iconic furniture, and focus to the entry lounge.

Outside, the seating zone has been re-lifted with a combination of low and high tables, all contained by large black umbrellas with an elaborate cooling and heating system. The terrace is encased by layered copper planter boxes creating a new architectural face to one of the top restaurants in the square.

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