ANZ Centre

ANZ Centre

Project Manager:
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Lend Lease Design
Earl Carter

ANZ Centre in Melbourne’s Docklands, collaboratively designed by HASSELL and Lend Lease design, applies contemporary thinking in workplace design and leadership in sustainability to reflect the client’s focus on engagement and productivity while responding to the site’s unique location.

Inspired by the riverside setting and the maritime character intrinsic to Docklands, the fluid forms and powerful internal spaces contribute to a commanding presence. The design evolved around the concept of an ‘urban campus’, focused on a central ‘common’, with a hierarchy of shared spaces, an openness fostering interaction, and a rich variety of settings providing scale and complexity. 

The development provides a total net area of 84,450 sqm over 13 levels, with floorplates, ranging from 9,800 - 6,600 sqm, all configured to maximise natural daylight penetration, promote workplace integration and communication, and provide flexibility.

ANZ Centre is the largest single-tenanted commercial office building in Australia incorporating strategic energy, water and waste management systems. It has been awarded a 6 Star Green Star – Office Design v2 rating from the GBCA, creating a benchmark in accessible, robust and responsive sustainable architecture

ANZ Centre is the most open and permeable banking headquarters in the world. Rarely, if ever, has a bank invited the public into the heart of its workplace.

The design for the landmark building located in Melbourne’s Docklands is based on the concept of an ‘urban campus’, focused around a central ‘common’.

Including permeable public space within the workplace brings the community into the organisation’s heart, creating a lively ground-level hub including cafes, public art and a visitor centre. This demonstrates a bold new direction for a banking institution seeking to balance the need for security with the desire to demonstrate transparency and openness.

A cross section of employees – including graduates and younger generation employees – helped shape the design as part of an extensive consultation and research program. The result – a flexible, open plan office space – inspires ANZ’s diverse workplace community today and anticipates its future needs.

Expansive floorplates are configured to maximise daylight penetration, promote collaboration and accommodate varied work styles. Approximately 55 percent of the work area is shared collaborative space with the remaining 45 percent acting as a dedicated desk environment. Five vibrant and distinct hub types are distributed across 44 individual hub spaces that connect quiet working zones.

RAIA Jury Citation

In the ANZ offices we find a vibrant and dynamic workplace and community for 6,000 people at Docklands. From the beginning the architect and client worked together to understand the existing workplace culture and how they could function more effectively in a flexible, connected way. At 83,000 square metres, shared spaces are organised in and around the central atrium and include meeting rooms, breakout spaces and a 250-seat theatre. North- and south facing offices spaces also adjoin the atrium.

Much thought has gone into wayfinding, the creation of destinations and the lengthening, framing and foreshortening of views to achieve human scale in what is otherwise a very large building. Objects and volumes in the atrium and the use of mixture of materials have aided this outcome.

Engineering solutions are impressively integrated into the whole, for example fire and smoke managementallowing contiguous atrium and office floors. Floor displacement air is one of a range of initiatives that reduce the building's energy consumption. Water is recycled and stored and renewable energy generated.

The end product is as much an exercise in human relations as it is architecture and the architects have created a flexible building for a business and for work practices that continue to change and adapt to the needs of this ANZ community at Docklands.

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