Nettleton Tribe
Project Manager:
SJB Design

The site is located at the crest of a hill and is bounded by the Pacific Highway, Mitchell Plaza and Albany Lane which creates an "island" site having major visual exposure from the Pacific Highway and from numerous distant vantage points. This exposure is accentuated by the distinctive building form which expresses a contemporary and sophisticated response to the site.

By creating a hierarchy of height, building form and massing the building is divided into distinctive components which provide a sense of individual "address" and variety of living options. The taller curved, sculptural balcony form of the western tower responds to the dramatic, exposed corner site and performs a dual role of providing a "screening" element to the apartments within, and a dynamic vehicle to the expansive views to the city and waterways beyond. The eastern tower with its reduced scale and projecting form, affords a more intimate living experience while still maximising amenity and view potential to both the north and south.

The strong horizontal "box" element to Albany Street houses apartments and commercial suites and provides a base to the tower above. The expression of materials and use of louvred screens creates a tactile and layered edge to the building which reinforces the pedestrian scale and streetscape elements of the building while creating a flexible transition between internal and external living zones.

Café ¡nd retail areas included to the ground floor interface to Mitchell Plaza and active street frontage to Albany Street form an integral component of the successful pedestrian extension of St Leonards station to the Willoughby Road precinct.

The design of individual apartment layouts and finishes reflect the clean lines and style of the external fa硤e which, combined with the inclusion of swimming pools, lounge and gym facilities, contribute to the general amenity and enhance a vibrant lifestyle in a landmark building.

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