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ABN Amro: A World Leader with a Local Influence

Prestigious investment bankers ABN Amro have established themselves a stunning corporate landmark in Aurora Place, Sydney.

The new ABN Amro Tower is the perfect reflection of a bank that is the fourth largest in Europe and one of the ten largest in the world. But the key to the true beauty of the building lies in the 15,000 sqm corporate fitout provided by lead interior designers, HBO + EMTB.

For ABN Amro, relocating into the new premises was a move into a new generation of technology and office culture. HBO+EMTB saw this as an opportunity to create a progressive and innovative space that would blend in with the unique engineering, art form and humanism offered by the Renzo Piano designed building.

The challenge of HBO + EMTB, an international group working in the areas of interior design, strategic facility management and planning, project coordination, architecture and urban design services, was to blend innovation with functionality, technology with environment, modernity with tradition in order to create a fitout that is lavish but not progressive.

The end result of HBO + EMTB`s efforts are easy to see the moment one steps inside ABN Amro Tower.

Like the shimmering, interweaving glass façade of the building, the interior fitout represents the complex elements of the surrounding CBD: technology and geometric presence aligned with a spectacular natural environment and free flowing movement.

On the two floors of the client area, the play of natural theatrical light over sleek marble and polished wood finishes combine with the presentation of views to create a dramatic and intimate space for clients. Stairways allow easy movement between floors.

Open-planned dealing rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology are sleek environments where immense financial transactions must be as fluid as conversation.

In the more "traditional" office spaces, communication and integration between product groups and staff is paramount. Special design features such as low-height computer screens consolidate these requirements.

Other innovative features include seminar rooms, major dining rooms, conference facilities and a commercial kitchen that are at the cutting-edge of modernity yet Australian in origin and nature.

"Much of the fitout is designed to have people talking about it and remembering it.
Situated in Auroroa Place ( the Renzo Piano designed building ) the interior was just as important as the exterior.

This new office is the Australasian HQ for the dutch bank emplying some 750 people ABN AMRO occupy 17 floors of the this building as the anchor tennant "There are many different sorts of furniture but they are all classical pieces that we believe will hold their value". The boardroom was designed to be remebered - like modern day thrones around a Camelot - like marble boardroom table.

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