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Artecnica is a Los Angeles based design company that collaborates with the most established and emerging international designers to create inspiring decorative objects for the living environment.

Artecnica is committed to considering issues of environmental sustainability and responsible manufacturing. Products are often made with recycled materials and transported in easy-ship flat packages to help reduce our carbon footprint.

And our Design with Conscience® program works with artisan communities in developing countries to produce unique handcrafted objects that reflect indigenous skills. This humanitarian approach supports shared work and profit across borders, cultures, races, and religions. Here again, design acts as a catalyst for change, providing an opportunity to help transform the global landscape.

Visit the Artecnica  website

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Trianon Grand Light Shade

Grand Trianon is a Light Shade Named after the palace of King Louis XIV, Grand Trianon is a large, lightweight chandelier made of post-consumer coated Tyvek. When lit up, the Grand Trianon emits a... Read More

Garland Light shade

Garland is a Light Shade Polished metal pendant light. Finish = brass, silver, rust patina, black chrome Maximum lamp rating is 60watts. The incredible Garland Light is a 1.6 meter long metal g... Read More

Shayk Light Shade

Shayk is a Light Shade First time collaborator, the avant-garde Danish architect / designer, Amanda Betz has created a beautiful and intricate lamp employing a complex industrial and handcrafted proc... Read More

Phrena Light Shade

Phrena is a Light Shade Upon manipulation this perfectly flat light fixture transforms into a beautiful 3-D shade. Phrena Amaranthaceae Gomphrena Globosa  = The flower which gives the Phrena it... Read More

Icarus Light Shade

Icarus Light is a Light Shade Poetic lightweight and immaculately white, icarus remins us of the human aspiration to flight. A link between us and the Celestial Light. Icarus is a multi-layere... Read More

Bouquet Light Shade

The Bouquet light is a collection of twenty diverse floral and bucolic elements that can be arranged in any desired composition just as one would when making a bouquet of flowers. Create wonderful ... Read More

Midsummer Light Shade

Midsummer is a Light Shade Decorative pendant lightshade of double layer Tyvek synthetic paper. Available in white/white, red/yellow, green/yellow, graduated fading white to red + gradu... Read More

Xmas Tree Light

Midsummer Xmas Tree lightshade. Tyvek midsummer lightshade with xmas themed laser cuts (shade only) no electrical fittings included. Read More

Bright Side Glass Light Shade

Bright Side Glass is a Light Shade. Artecnica has once again introduced new innovations that create, reflect, embody, and transform the concept light Designed by New York-based trio Rich Brilli... Read More

Tangle Globe

Combining the sleek look of clear glass and the precious appearance of plated metal, Tord Boontje, a celebrated designer and the head of Product Design Department at the Royal College of Art has creat... Read More

Tangle Light Shade

Tangle is a Light Shade Dimensions DIA 10.0 in, 25.4 cm H 10.0 in, 25.4 cm   Read More

Surprise Surprise

'Surprise Surprise' wall light shade is the the quintessential gift with a surrealistic and familiar appearance, designed to make you smile…this wall lamp with its exciting silver reflective fi... Read More

Textile Cords

Textile Cords Collection is a complement to the company's wide range of elegant pendant lights. Artecnica's Textile Cord is the new electrical cord kits that feature a textile covered c... Read More


Wonderland candleholders conjure a surreal Alice in Wonderland world of escape. Fashioned from a deft balancing act of figurines that support a candle holder atop the stack, Wonderland is constructed... Read More

Garland 24 carat gold Plated

Garland 24 carat Gold Garland The finish is of a rich 24 carat satin gold plated appearance and the Garland is etched with a “24 caratâ&a... Read More

Until Dawn

Tord Boontje did it again. the talk of Milan 2004, Boontje embraces the decorative and steps beyond the restrictions of minimalism to help redefine what is meant by the word 'modern'. Reminiscent ... Read More

Ivy panels

Ivy panels The intoxicating chaos of tord boontje verdant gardens tumble across the panels of ivy, the dreamy flora cut in plated steel to transform walls, windows and space. You can build curt... Read More

Themis Mono

Mono, the fourth addition to the Themis Mobile collection, designed by the Stockholm native graphic designer Clara Von Zweigbergk is vastly different than any other mobile of its kind. Mono is a lar... Read More


The charms are integrated with a large hook and are sold in packs of three and are designed to be customizable allowing you to bundle a set on a chain or break the charms apart to further adorn a... Read More

Dada alarm clock

A hand-polished egg-shaped glass lens that colorfully magnifies an original Artecnica clock face. Available in three hues: Amber, Aqua, and Clear. As an homage to Dali, warping time Dada clock ... Read More

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