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Patrick Bingham-Hall is an architectural photographer, available for commissions worldwide. He is also an architectural writer and the editor of Pesaro Publishing, which specialises in architecture and design monographs.

Patrick Bingham-Hall is an architectural photographer, available for commissions worldwide. He is also an architectural writer and the editor of Pesaro Publishing, which specialises in architecture and design monographs.

Patrick Bingham-Hall is faithful to the core of the architectural brief up to a certain point, but feels that architects are too close to their work to see what the photographer "sees".

Nothing will replace still photography, according to Bingham-Hall, and videos fail because they move and prevent close study.

Buildings are static objects that need to be seen from a fixed perspective. Like other "true photographers" Bingham-Hall is a traditionalist; he is not the least bit interested in computer technology and relies on basic optical formulae and bromide paper.

He prefers the richer scope of black-and-white photography but concedes that certain structures photograph better in colour.

His favourite buildings are Neville Gruzman's Holland House, Middle Cove, and Israel House, Avalon, by Peter Stutchbury, because they are the ultimate realisation of Sydney's "fantasy" architecture, of the perfect house in a perfect setting.

He has formed a spiritual bond with these buildings returning many times not to photograph but to show to friends and just to "revel" in their beauty.


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