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Marian Riabic


I have been shooting architecture since 1989 and transitioned from film to a fully digital workflow in 2004 when I invested in Canon 1Ds MkII digital SLR and Canon 24 and 45mm Tilt and Shift lenses to be able to emulate the movements possible with a technical camera to correct perspective required in archirectural photography.

Capture One software for processing the RAW files and Photoshop completed the digital transition.

Since than I acquired the Canon 17mm TS-E and replaced the 24mm with the MK2 model and upgraded the camera to 5DMk3 which I use at present.

I shoot regularly commission from Home Design magazine, Grand Designs Australia, Poolside Showcase and many other architectural publication and of course for many of my private architect and interior designer clients.

Since April 2014 I am a fully CASA certified operator and controller of a purpose built drone for aerial photography providing unique aerial views of architectural projects to my existing as well as newly acquired clients.


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