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David Sandison


Brisbane based

Started photography in Melbourne in the the 70's with Bryan Ruffin - ( House and Garden and Ford Motor Company accounts).

In retrospect he didn't really need me, but as it happens I got to help out in all sorts of ways sweeping the floor carrying the gear working in the darkroom and driving the
car a v8 Ford Galaxie when he periodically lost his licence.

He was a tremendous influence who gave me my initial foot in the commercial door

After three years in Melbourne to where I would eagerly return at the drop of a hat ( I love the place), I was back in Brisbane working in various studios - Illustrations being one who had the Myer account.-
Every working day for the next three years a truck would arrive at the studio loaded with merchandise for me to photograph -

The only distraction chain smoking photographers sometimes stripped to their underpants shooting models on the cyclorama a few feet away.

I turned freelance about 22 years ago working mainly in advertising -photographing everything from a toilet roll holder to the chairman of the board Mt Isa Mines.

It was invaluable experience of course although at times tedious due to the restraint of art directors layouts and never ending deadlines.

I was approached about 10 years ago to do some lifestyle work for a magazine - the photographer they had, had thrown a wobbly with the client so I was brought in very hurriedly - within a year I had a sizeble portfolio.

I went on to photograph for Belle, Vogue Living, Trends, Houses, Monument and Inside magazine

Architectural photography has given me great freedom for self expression - everytime I go out I try to bend the rules a little.

To an extent I am reborn


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