Paola Lenti  / Pavilion


Paola Lenti
Renato Jaime Morganti
Indent (12 - 16 weeks)
Technical information:

Paola Lenti Pavilion

A modular shading structure.

The system consists of a hexagon shaped "roof" and support side panels.

The structure is either fixed on hard surfaces or provided with ballasted base for installation on soft ground.

The roof element is made of aluminium, while the frame of the support panels is in stainless steel; these elements are connected by means of co-moulded polyurethane and steel joints.

The cover is available in white polyester fabric treated to be UV-resistant or in Thuia, Paola Lenti’s signature fabric for exterior environments; the cover is fixed to the structure by means of special Velcro strips which allow for a prompt release when necessary, assuring the safety of the structure.

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Product Designer

Renato Jaime Morganti

Renato Jaime Morganti

Paola Lenti

Renato Jaime Morganti, Italian / Spanish artist, he studied music (diploma, G. Verdi Conservatory, Milan), architecture (degree, Polytechnic of Milan, Faculty of Achitettura) and Sculpture (Bachelors and Masters degrees, Hochshcule der Kunst, Berlin) . His work is centered on the idea of altering the perception of reality through minimal signs and possibly "neutral": traces systematized... More

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