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Natural - Spin

Natural - Spin
Paola Lenti Tappeti
Paola Lenti
Indent (12 - 16 weeks)

From the Tappeti Natural Range

The Spin rug is made with a round wool cord available in solid colours. The cord is winded up and stitched by hand to create spirals and stylized leaves. These elements are sewn together to produce the cm.33 x 33 modules which form the rug. Based on increments of the module size, custom dimensions are possible up to a maximum of 8 square meters. Only one colour can be chosen. The handwork and the preciousness of the designs lead to advise against the use of this rug in high traffic areas.

This rug is completely hand made with a highly resistant pure new wool melange rope. It is composed of squared modules 29x29 cm. sewn together by hand, formed by spirals and stylised leaves. The handwork and the preciousness of the designs advise against the use of Spin in high traffic areas.

The rope winds up to create spirals and leaves that are joined to form squared 35x35 cm modules. The modules are then sewn together to create the rug in the dimension required.

Natural rugs are made with different techniques and materials. Cords, braids, knitted tubular fabrics, conceived by Paola Lenti and produced exclusively for the Brand, are loom woven, hand tufted or simply sewn, to create rugs and mats which are unique for their aesthetics, chromatic effect and functionality.

A contemporary interpretation of classics which becomes new and unprecedented thanks to the quality of the materials. Resistant to light and long lasting, Natural rugs are available in several colours, also in custom dimensions.

Product Designer

Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti

Davide Groppi, Paola Lenti, Paola Lenti Tappeti

Paola Lenti was born in 1958 in Alessandria Italy,  where she completed classical studies. She later moved to Milan and graduated from Milan's Polytecnico. In the early eighties she started  working as an image coordinator and graphic designer for several events and fashion companies. In 1994 she founded the company, Paola Lenti, located in Italy's leading furniture district Meda, nea... More

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