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Felt - Cornice 25

Felt - Cornice 25
Paola Lenti Tappeti
Paola Lenti
Indent (12 - 16 weeks)
Various Sizes
Technical information:

From the Tappeti Feltro Range

The Cornice 25 rug is created with the "Punto Cavallo" stitch. The Cornice is composed of four 25cm squares and four recangles which vary in size depending on the dimension on the rug.

The thread defines and distinguishes. The pure virgin wool felt carpet feature rigorous lines: The shape is based on personal choice.

design: CRS Paola Lenti - The Cornice 25 rug is available in either a single or a double layer of felt. The design is based on the creation of a frame of cm.25 composed of squares and rectangles which are sewn to the central area of the rug with Punto Cavallo. The border features the same stitching.

The aesthetic and functional characteristics of Paola Lenti’s signature Felt allow for the production of refined and enduring rugs, which are entirely assembled and finished by hand. The different components of the rug, including the designs, are stitched together with threads, without any glue. Furthermore, all stitching threads are accurately and precisely hand fastened.

Paola Lenti Felt is moth-proof and is not damaged by humidity. Felt rugs are available in a wide range of solid and chiné colours. The almost tailor-like production, the variety of colours, dimensions and patterns in the collection allow for the design of truly one-of-a-kind rugs, giving the possibility of combining colours, dimensions, pattern placement and types of stitching. For the special rugs, the Company provides both consultancy and the possibility to receive a computer rendering of the rug in reduced scale, to verify the overall chromatic effect and the final result.

Product Designer

Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti, Paola Lenti Tappeti

Paola Lenti was born in 1958 in Alessandria Italy,  where she completed classical studies. She later moved to Milan and graduated from Milan's Polytecnico. In the early eighties she started  working as an image coordinator and graphic designer for several events and fashion companies. In 1994 she founded the company, Paola Lenti, located in Italy's leading furniture district Meda, nea... More

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