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Kreon Vektron Ceiling Solutions

Vektron offers complete ceiling solutions. Not just ceiling panels, but aestetically designed and technically based items that adjust perfectly to provide a ceiling surface with all incorporated systems, such as light, air-conditioning, cooling, acoustics, fire resistance and aesthetics.

The Vektron Clip-in ceiling system consists of a concealed supporting structure to which demountable tiles can be clipped.

When the ‘clip-in system’ is mounted, a shadow joint with a width of 6 mm and a depth of 8 mm is created accentuating the grid pattern and generating a unique design.

Through the combination of the ‘clip-in’ profile and specially developed connectors on the tile, a perfect levelling is ensured.

Tiles of the ‘clip-in’ system can be singularly and effortlessly removed, which simplifies eventual functional adaptations of space.



Clip-in tiles are made of galvanised steel and protected with a UV-resistant powder coating.

They are fire and corrosion resistant.

The perforated tiles incorporate a sound absorbing membrane which can be selected to respond to various acoustic requirements


Vektron Clip-in Level

Bulkhead panels create an elegant transition between two ceiling tiles.

Tiles are clipped into the same carriers ensuring a rigid construction to the ceiling transition and can be tailored to specified depths.


Vektron Clip-in Wall-to-wall

Vektron Clip-in Wall-to-wall forms the base for all our ceiling types. Standard sized tiles are clipped in a subconstruction which comprises a supporting grid with two identical profiles, joined by cross connectors.

The tiles span the room from wall to wall providing extensive possiblities for technical solutions like like, air, heat, sound and more.


Vektron Clip-in Floating ceiling

This freely suspended ceiling is an ideal solution for lowering the ceiling and enclosed techniques in limited areas where the existing ceiling would otherwise be too high.

Kreon offers a standard edge finish to floating ceilings but the edge covers can be made to measure as well.


Vektron Clip-in Ceiling-in-ceiling

Edge Cover L-connection and Edge Cover Plaster provide the opportunity to connect your Clip-in ceiling seamlessly with a gypsum ceiling.


Vektron Clip-in Wall

Our Clip-in tiles are not limited to ceiling applications, but can be used just as easily to cover up walls.

As with our ceiling solutions, Clip-in Wall can be equipped with several integrated techniques without compromising the aesthetic aspect of the space.


Creative light

Tiles with luminaires are as easy to install as our standard tiles.

They are made with the same quality materials and have identical colours, providing complete architectural homogeneity.

The soft and non-reflective surface of Kreon tiles eliminates all disturbing reflections.

For fast and easy installation, all units are delivered with GST connectors and a 3 meter cable.

Kreon offers a comprehensive range of lighting solutions.


Acoustic comfort

Ceilings have a strong influence on the acoustic properties of a room. When defining a ceiling, sound behaviour and the function of your space need to be taken into account.

For optimum speech intelligibility, you need to exploit the reflection of sound on walls, floors, and ceilings. In most cases, however, you will want to reduce reflections to create a more private, intimate atmosphere.

Sound absorption is expressed in sound absorption coefficient αW, room to room sound attenuation is expressed in Dn.c.w .

With our large range of ceiling tiles we can meet most acoustic demand. Feel free to ask our experts for help.


Air Ventilation

Kreon provides silent, efficient and aesthetically pleasing ventilation solutions. All diffusers can be used for the
supply of cooled or heated air. Our experts will help you make the right choice.

Between tiles

Vento is a discrete inductive unit for installation between Kreon tiles. It provides draught-free and diffuse ventilation with minimal airflow. The unit ensures an optimal mix of supply and ambient air.

Integrated in tiles

Fuo Square and Fuo Round are completely integrated into a tile. This makes it easy to replace them or change their position.

Integrated on tiles

Fuo C2 and Fuo C5 are completely invisible since the diffusers are integrated on top of the ceiling structure. Ventilation will be diffused through the perforations of the tile.



In line with the company philosophy – full integration of lighting and building service systems into architecture - Kreon also offers indoor climate control.

Kreon’s climate tiles can generate healthy and comfortable climate within the room. The heat exchange between tile and environment mainly occurs by radiation, keeping draught and noise levels to minimum.

Due to the addition of a climate module, Clima provides maximum comfort when it comes to indoor temperature control.

This module, which consists of parallel capillary tubes, can be connected to the system using plug-in connectors.



Good air quality is an essential requirement for every indoor environment. It has direct effects on performance and health of people who use these places.

To ensure optimum air quality, Kreon´s ventilation system Vento offers a solution that is extremely efficient as well as elegant.

Vento system consists of a highly inductive ventilation element, which can be discreetly installed between Kreon tiles.

It provides draught-free and diffuse ventilation with minimum airflow.

The high-induction ventilation element ensures an optimum mixture of supply and ambient air.

The specially designed ventilation element is standard delivered in black, but any required ceiling colour is also possible.

It ensures optimum air discharge at a 45° angle, which prevents soiling on the ceiling.


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Jan van lierde was born in 1954. Graduated from architecture at the Municipal Higher Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning, Ghent in 1978. From 1978 to 1983 gained architectural experience and built some 25 dwellings and more than 100 buildings for various industries in Belgium. Established Kreon as a manufacturer of lighting equipment in 1985. The first Kreon range was the METIS range... More

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